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Margaret Y. Duverney, M.D.
Medical Director

Dr. Duverney is a native of Long Island , New York and is a third generation physician. She did her undergraduate work at George Washington University in Washington , D.C. where she graduated with a B. A. in Psychology/Sociology.

Fulfilling a family tradition she entered the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine immediately after undergraduate school and did her residency work at Maryland General Hospital . She performed her clinical rotations at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore Maryland .

After beginning her professional practice of obstetrics and gynecology in 1994 she grew the business to two locations throughout metro Atlanta and served over 3,500 patients. Prior to opening Medical Weight Loss Alternatives, LLC, Dr. Duverney served as the Chief Medical Officer for Legacy Medical Center , a 125 bed acute care hospital.


Medical Weight Loss Alternatives, LLC was founded by Dr. Margaret Y. Duverney, after being a practicing Ob/Gyn for 15 years, she saw the difficulties her patients had with weight gain and the growing epidemic of Obesity in our community, leading to many preventable healthcare issues.

Dr. Duverney’s program is a safe and effective method to obtain a healthy and lighter side of life.




I was the picture of health in college. I ran up to 12 miles several days a week, trained with weights and was an avid hiker. I didn’t

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know it at the time, but my body was under siege from an unhealthy diet of processed foods. As my health declined, my weight spiraled out of control until it topped out at over 400 pounds. I was miserable and burdened with a constellation of illnesses. Even walking was difficult. For over ten years, I searched for a safe and effective method for losing weight. Nothing worked long term. I was ready to give up when I discovered the restorative power of wholesome traditional foods.


May I also take this opportunity to tell you how much I enjoyed reading the various articles on your website and the “nourishing

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traditions” as well as the “eat fat lose fat” books – I have been around for 52 years now (not very long in the eyes of the Lord and all that…I know 🙂 ) but for the first time in my life I have been able to lose weight without A. starving or B. smoking and C. in spite of the fact that just about everyone says that it’s impossible to lose weight after the menopause. It is a little harder, that is true but certainly not impossible. Taking coconut oil has made SUCH a difference.Thanks again, best regards, J.H.


I have tried many different diets, including the South Beach Diet, which greatly aggravated my hypothyroid conditions. When I

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started taking coconut oil, I immediately gained 8 pounds and my clothes got tight. However, I had so much energy that I continued taking the coconut oil. Now the weight is coming off, about 2 pounds per week, the clothes are looser and I am exercising every day, something I never did before. F.S.


I started eating a traditional diet 5 months ago and have lost 20 pounds without trying, even though I eat as much or more food now

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as I did before. I think this is in part due to the coconut oil I have started including in my diet, which speeds up metabolism. I have so much energy now and there is a healthy glow in my face. I know I’m doing something right because a clerk at a clothing store recently told me I didn’t look old enough to have children. I then asked her how old I looked and she said about 25. She was really astonished when I told her I was actually 37! I had to go shopping for new clothes (size 4, thank you) because my old clothes were too baggy. J.H.

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